5 Ways to Avoid a Clogged Drain


Drain management is crucial for your home. Most drain problems are preventable by following a few simple principles before an issue arises. If these don’t work, then you may need drain cleaning services in Napa. A few things you may notice about your drains:

  • Kitchen drains will run more slowly over time as detergents, fats, soap and grease build up inside pipes and eventually clog them.
  • In the bathroom, plumbing can clog with grime, hair, toothpaste, and soap and more causing bathtubs and sinks to stop draining from the shower floor.

Drains that function correctly will move water away almost instantaneously. As a plumber who performs drain cleaning services in Napa, we use drain cleaning machines created for each drain type to penetrate and clear out the clogged drain to get them flowing freely.

Here are five tips for protecting your drains from a variety of damage and maintaining them effectively.

  1. Prevent Pests from Entering Drain Lines In addition to drain clogs, drain lines can also be a haven for pests such as cockroaches that breed and hide in the debris surrounding drain lines. Unfortunately, this can lead to quite a mess as these creatures inevitably crawl out of the drain and into your business – either through sinks or toilets. The best way to avoid a critter outbreak is to incorporate pest control services at least once a year or hire an exterminator immediately if you discover signs of vermin activity.
  1. Schedule Professional Drain Inspections on Scheduled Maintenance Visits – This tip seems obvious but too many businesses neglect this practice entirely or only perform inspections every few years (the frequency varies depending on manufacturer instructions). You can avoid 90% of drain clogs if you schedule professional drain inspections for each drain on a scheduled maintenance visit. If your drains are more than six months old, adding this drain inspection on your next service will be far cheaper than the cost of having to call us out for drain cleaning in Napa.
  2. Eliminate Grease Buildup Drain lines that have significant amounts of cooking grease or other organic materials can eventually create major drainage problems if not taken care of immediately. The best approach is to schedule an appointment with your plumber to install a commercial-grade drain trap and line system. These devices catch at least 90% of food particles and debris, allowing the water and waste to flow through without issue – avoiding potentially expensive cleaning in Napa or drain cleaning.
  3. Use Your Fixtures appropriately We all know how important it is not to put foreign objects down drains because they will most likely end up becoming lodged there over time, leading to drain cleaning Napa or drain cleaning in Napa. However, many people don’t know that using drain fixtures improperly can also damage those drain lines and promote clogs and drain problems. Here are a few harmful habits:
    • Using drain screens: drain screens should only be used on the drain line to screen out large solids or debris, not as part of your regular drain maintenance schedule – this will actually contribute to frequent clog issues rather than prevent them.
    • Flushing paper towels down the toilet: these items will do nothing but build up inside the drain line and cause a blockage over time. This is especially dangerous for sewer lines because paper towels never break down like other organic materials so they won’t dissolve away like you might expect them too – they can continue building up over time.
  4. Keep Your Floor Drain Clear When drain lines are clean, drain covers and screens are fastened securely to keep out debris and will enable floor drains to remain clear of most problems – with the exception of large accidents that cause liquids to spray into the drain line or if chemicals end up in the drain by accident. Flushing these materials down the drain is preferable because it ensures that they are removed from your facility before causing damage to any equipment or drain line fixtures.

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Types of Drain Cleaning Services in Napa

If you can’t fix these issues yourself, then you don’t need to settle for an inexperienced plumber. All Star Plumbing Napa is a locally-owned, licensed, insured, and bonded company. Our team of plumbing experts provide cost-effective and long-lasting repairs —guaranteed.

Toilet Drains

We’ve seen clogged toilets that include everything from clothes and paper towels to snakes and food. Usually, though, toilet drains become clogged with toilet paper or other objects that should not be flushed. Our trained technicians use specialized equipment that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain and cuts through obstructions while cleaning the pipe at the same time. This will restore proper drainage and flushing power.

Floor Drains

Laundry rooms, patios, driveways, and some older bathrooms often have floor drains. Since these drains are not typically used often, water in the trap will evaporate over time, causing odors and residue from dirt and other debris.

Sewer Lines

A clog in your plumbing typically affects a single tub, shower, sink, or toilet, but if you have more than one backing up, you may need to clean out the main drain line or septic tank. It can become clogged when debris from the household drains gets trapped in the pipe. Tree roots drawn to water can also penetrate damaged or misaligned pipe joints, preventing waste from properly washing through the line. Check out our sewer line repair or replacement page for more information.

For more information about how we perform drain cleaning services in Napa, reach us at
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