Drainage Systems


Have you thought about incorporating an irrigation or drainage system into the landscape of your home? Not sure what type will work best for you or what to do if you have problems with it? The best irrigation systems are installed by professionals, which is why All-Star Plumbing should be your first call if you are interested in putting one in your home.

What types of drainage systems are there for homes?

There are many different types of irrigation systems that you can install on your property.

French Drains

Created in France and later popularized in the mid-1800s in America, French irrigation systems stop water from damaging buildings. They are commonly found on landscapes that are downhill or in embankments. Considered one of the best drainage structures for residential properties, French irrigation systems can have many benefits for homeowners. Oh good.

Downspout Drains

These drains are designed to channel rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Downspout drains are often connected to the city’s storm sewer system. These underground pipes can become clogged with leaves and debris, causing a downspout drain backup. Rapid-Rooter provides professional drain services to clean downspouts and underground pipes to restore proper drainage and keep flooding at bay.


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    What are some symptoms of irrigation problems?

    If there is a problem with your irrigation system, several things could occur:

    • Leaks – could be one of the first symptoms you notice because they typically cause damage near the floor, ceiling, windows, or fireplaces.
    • Standing water – Here, water cannot make it from the drain and away from the building. You may see it near flower beds or other areas where soil can be moved around easily.
    • Gutters are overflowing – Another obvious symptom is excess water will spill over the gutter’s edge and onto other surfaces. An overflowing gutter can contribute to standing water, which ultimately causes significant damage to areas of the home.

    What causes problems with irrigation?

    Because irrigation systems often are at nature’s beck and call, a significant problem could be caused at any time. However, there are a few causes that are more common than others:

    • The pipe isn’t connected to the downspout. This problem could be caused by many things such as storms, human error, or being disturbed by an animal. If the pipe does become dislodged, it can cause leaks that could harm the home’s foundation.
    • Leaves or other debris have clogged the pipe. During season changes, debris can easily clog pipes, causing them to malfunction. Cleaning out your gutters and pipes regularly can help to alleviate this.
    • Pipe breaks, or the end piece buries in the ground, and nature takes its course. If the end of the pipe becomes buried underground or gets covered up, the irrigation system will be unable to do its job. This can be caused by overgrowth and improper maintenance of your property.

    When should you repair or replace your irrigation system?

    French irrigation systems can have an extremely long lifespan, even up to 30-40 years. However, even though they can last that long, that’s not always the case. Ensure that you are actively monitoring your irrigation system and the landscape around it as a preventive maintenance measure.  If you notice any warning signs like leaks or standing water, you should call us immediately to determine whether the system can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

    All-Star Plumbing can help prevent your home’s foundation from being affected by a faulty french irrigation system. To have your irrigation system inspected, contact one of our skilled professionals.

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