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Fire sprinkler systemInstalling fire sprinklers should be a priority for homeowners and business owners. With the increasing frequency of California wildfires and the intensity at which they burn, this is the best way to protect your family and property. Home sprinklers can help eliminate the risks of new wildfires that blaze up suddenly. And All-Star Plumbing can help you with our professional installation services! We are expert in fire sprinkler system installation services in Sonoma County, CA.

What is a Fire Sprinkler System?

A fire sprinkler system is an active component in the fire protection system of a home or commercial property. It uses a water supply, piping system, and sprinkler heads to discharge water upon fire detection. Once triggered, it will extinguish the fire, making it a highly effective suppression system.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Wet System: The sprinkler head is triggered independently when the system detects heat and releases pressurized water.

Dry System: Uses pressurized air or nitrogen rather than storing water in the pipes. When a fire is detected, nitrogen is released, and water flows through the pipes and onto the fire.

Pre-Action System: Similar to the dry system, it allows it to shut down in case of a false alarm.

Deluge System: This dry system is always open and is activated by an external heat sensor. Water falls from all of the sprinkler heads at the same time and is best suited for industrial buildings.


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What Does All-Star Plumbing Offer for Fire Sprinkler Testing and Repair?

Back Flush Testing: When trash and debris get stuck in your system, it can cause clogging of your sprinklers. This reduces the flow of water to the activated sprinkler heads. Back flush testing will remove the debris and keep the pipes and sprinklers clear.

Flow and Hydrostatic Tests: These are used to spot leaks in your sprinkler´s piping system and ensure that the set-up will function well under working pressure in case of a fire.

Repairs for Sprinkler Leaks: Using sealants to coat the inside of the fire sprinkler piping avoids the need for replacing them.

Certification and Testing: We provide expert testing and certification that checks the operating system of wet and dry sprinklers in your home or business.

Do You Have a Fire Sprinkler Leak in Sonoma County, CA?

Despite being built to be reliable and durable, fire sprinkler systems will eventually cease functioning correctly. When a system does begin to malfunction, you can expect leaky valves and fixtures to cause water damage and increase the cost of your monthly water bill.

All-Star Plumbing Fire Sprinkler Leak Repair In Sonoma County and Beyond

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Signs of a Leaky or Damaged Sprinkler

  • broken sprinkler head
  • loose sprinkler heads due to pressurized water in the system
  • standing water under your fire sprinkler
  • frequent false alarms

All-Star Plumbing begins fire sprinkler repairs with an inspection of the entire system. When a potential leak is found, our technicians track the source to determine its head, and an action plan is prepared. Once selected, they will explain it to you and provide information on the course of action that will be taken to fix it. A quote is provided, and once approved, the repairs are undertaken to make the fire sprinkler system fully operational again.

Why Choose All-Star Plumbing for Fire Sprinkler Repairs

Our company has over three decades of experience working in the plumbing industry. During that time, we have developed a reputation for high standards in everything we do, from installations to maintenance and repairs.

If you are looking for fire sprinkler system installation services in Sonoma County, CA, contact us today and find out how our services can equip you with fire prevention or repair an existing system.

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