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If you are among the many people with a modern kitchen equipped with a garbage disposal, you must keep it well-maintained to keep it running. Many things cause this technology to fail; when this happens, you can count on us to help. All-Star Plumbing is your go-to expert garbage disposal repair & replacement services in Sonoma County, CA, for repair and replacement services for garbage disposal units.

What Causes Garbage Disposals to Fail?

Overloading your disposal by trying to put large amounts of food in it at once will lead to problems. This applies to celery, rice, fatty meats, and grease. In addition to food, foreign objects like silverware and sponges can accidentally fall down the drain and clog up the system. Finally, the working parts of the garbage disposal system, such as the seal, can cause failure due to being worn down and needing repair.


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How Do You Know You Have a Problem?

If your garbage disposal system appears to be acting out of the ordinary, there are several ways to detect the problem. Here are the four main issues that you may experience with your unit:

Clogging Due to Food in the Drain

Clogs can easily be avoided but are generally the most common issue that affects a garbage disposal unit. Over time food can build up in the drain, and if not enough water is used, it can begin to clog up. If you see that your disposal drains slowly, it’s a sure sign that it has accumulated too much food.

Jamming Due to Excess Food Being Put Down the Disposal

Jamming is another common problem for garbage disposals. To determine if this is the problem, flip the on-switch and listen. If you hear a loud humming noise when you run the disposal, it means you’ve got an excessive amount of food in there jamming it up.

Bad Odors Caused By Food Buildup

A highly unpleasant smell emanating from your disposal is another sure sign of a problem. If you are not running enough water when running food down the disposal, this will eventually result in a buildup of food and the resulting bad odors.

Leaks Due to Poor or Damaged Connections

If there is damage or problems with the hose, outer casing, anywhere along the pipes, or other plumbing connections, you could end up with a leak. Over time, this could build up and result in foul odors under your sink, mold, and unwanted interest from animals or insects.

No Power

If your garbage disposal lacks power, it could be due to a loose plug or an issue with the circuit breaker. But if none of these is the problem, your disposal could be damaged or have issues with the switch, which will require repair.

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What Do I Do If My Garbage Disposal Is in Need of Repair or Replacement?

If your garbage disposal shows any signs listed above, it must be repaired. That’s where All-Star Plumbing can be of help. Our certified plumbers can come to your home and fix the problem, whether it’s something small like a minor clog or a significant issue requiring the replacement of your entire garbage disposal unit.

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