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What causes problems with garbage disposals?

Compared to decades ago, garbage disposals are found in almost every household. They are a standard part of everyday use in the kitchen, so it is necessary to make sure they work correctly. When they do start acting up, however, never fear. All-Star Plumbing can help!

Lots of simple things can cause garbage disposals to act up. Here are a few things that can cause problems with them:

  • Putting large amounts of food down it at once
  • Specific foods like grease, fatty meats, or coarse items like celery or rice
  • Allowing parts such as the seal to wear down
  • Foreign objects like silverware or sponges that fall down the drain

Signs You Have a Problem

There are several ways to detect whether your garbage disposal isn’t functioning correctly. First, if anything looks out of the ordinary, it probably is. Four main problems that garbage disposals can experience are:

  1. Clogs – If too much food ends up in the drain or insufficient water is used when running it, a garbage disposal can become easily clogged. Food buildup that accumulates slowly over time can also cause a back-up. An easy way to tell if your disposal is clogged is if it drains slowly.
  2. Jams – Like a clog, jams can be caused by excessive food being put down the disposal. You’ll notice you have a jam when it makes a loud, hum-like noise.
  3. Odors – An odorous disposal is one of the easiest problems to notice because the smell will be highly unpleasant. Like most disposals, bad smells can be caused by food buildup or not using enough water when running food down the disposal.
  4. Leaks – Common places for garbage disposals to leak are the plumbing connections, hose, the outer casing, or anywhere else on the piping that could be damaged by objects that aren’t supposed to be in there. An untreated leak can cause significant problems under your sink, including mold, attracting animals, or odors.

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    Do I need to call a plumber? What can I do?

    Being aware of the signs of when your garbage disposal isn’t functioning properly can help you know when to seek out help. While some things with your disposal can be fixed at home, calling in assistance is always a good idea. All-Star Plumbing has certified plumbers who can help fix anything from a minor clog to quickly replacing the entire garbage disposal. Contact us for any of your garbage disposal problems or plumbing needs!

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