My Mainline is Clogged. What Can You Do For Me?


Hot sewer line jetters

We understand the frustration that comes with stubborn clogs in sewer lines. We get all kinds of requests, like:

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“I need to roto rooter my drain.”


I have a cleanout, and I already tried 100 ft snake. Do you guys have a way to get farther?

Yes, we do. Sometimes, traditional methods, like snaking and roto-rooting, don’t do the trick, especially when faced with tough blockages like grease buildup or intrusive roots.

In comes our heavy-hitter: Hot Sewer Line Jetters.

What are Hot Sewer Line Jetters, and How Do They Work?

Hot Sewer Line Jetters act as the plumbing superheroes, effortlessly tackling tough clogs and debris with high-pressure water streams. They depart from old mechanical methods, leveraging the force of water to break down obstructions and cleanse pipes thoroughly. Even the most stubborn blockages are easily overcome thanks to meticulously designed nozzles.

Their success is due to the intense water jets they unleash. Channeled through specially crafted nozzles, the water is an effective scrubber, swiftly clearing away everything from dense grease to invasive roots and ensuring smooth, unobstructed flow through the pipes.

Why Choose Line Jetting Over Traditional Methods?

Line jetting stands out from conventional cabling because it doesn’t just poke through clogs—it eradicates all traces of buildup and debris. Cabling might clear a path through blockages but often leaves residues that can quickly lead to new clogs. On the other hand, high-pressure water jetting ensures a more thorough cleanse of your sewer lines. By incorporating a special cleaning solution, our jetting keeps your pipes in top condition and prevents odors, ensuring a smooth and clean flow.

  • Versatility: Hot Sewer Line Jetters can tackle several blockages, including grease buildup, tree roots, and other stubborn debris.
  • Efficiency: Unlike traditional methods that may require multiple attempts to clear a clog, jetters can often clear the blockage in a single pass, saving time and hassle.
  • Non-Invasive: Jetters are non-invasive and do not require digging or excavation, making them ideal for preserving landscaping and minimizing disruption to your property.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular jetting can help prevent future clogs by keeping sewer lines clean and free-flowing.

All-Star’s Hot Sewer Line Jetters

Our jetter units are packed with state-of-the-art features and are in the hands of highly skilled technicians who excel at tackling even the toughest sewer line problems.

What truly sets our Trailer Mounted Sewer Jetters apart is their exceptional quality and user-friendly service, coupled with our innovative use of Hot Water Jetting technology. This advanced method outperforms all other equipment available today, ensuring your customers receive unparalleled value and the cleanest pipes and sewers possible.

Next Steps

Whether you’re dealing with grease buildup, tree roots, or other stubborn debris, you can trust All Star Plumbing to provide fast, effective solutions that restore proper flow to your sewer line.

Contact us today to learn more about our Hot Sewer Line Jetters and schedule a service appointment.

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