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Introduction to sewer lines

It’s a fact of home ownership. Sewer lines back up, they leak, and they can get nasty. These are frustrating to deal with due to their unpleasant smell and the potential for messy cleanup. Pinpointing the cause is also challenging and should only be attempted by qualified individuals.

You can help avoid sewer line damage or alleviate an issue when it arises, it is important to know how to identify the main causes of it.

Signs you have a sewer line problem

Be vigilant and don’t overlook your plumbing system. The sooner you identify issues with your sewer line, the earlier you can implement a solution. Here are some signs you may have declining or broken sewer line:

  • Draining Problems in Multiple Areas of the House
    While some obstructions may be caused by a pipe leading directly from a shower or toilet, you can identify a blockage in the main sewage line if several areas in the home are backing up. Your toilets can be a telling sign of a significant blockage if you hear strange bubbling sounds as air gets pushed back up the line.
  • Flooding or Foul-Smelling Lawn
    Sewer lines can be buried anywhere and everywhere. They may be as deep as six feet underground or even just a couple of feet below the ground. This means based on how deep the line is buried or how cold it gets, you may see signs of water pooling in the yard of your house. A flooded yard can be a sign of a broken sewer pipe. Even worse, sewage gas leaking to the surface will cause a foul smell.
  • Water Damage Inside the House
    One of the worst incidents may be the possibility of water damage inside your home if the drain line leaks or breaks inside the house. Look for mold or mildew spreading on the floors or walls. If you see this, you should contact us immediately as it can not only get worse but can be a health concern for you and your family.

You may also notice a suspiciously slow drain, cracks in the foundation slab, or a very lush, out-of-place patch of grass. If you’ve come across any number of these signs, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a sewer line problem.

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The causes of sewer line problems

Sewer line damage can come from clogged pipes, age, or just regular wear and tear. There are, however, several ways we see damage regularly:

  • Corrosion – Most newer pipes are made with either copper, steel, or cast iron. And, while these metals are galvanized to prevent rusting if left untreated, they corrode over time due to the magnesium and calcium build-up from regular use.
  • Tree root infiltration. Trees love water and follow sources of it as they grow. Even a tiny leak can attract roots to begin wrapping around pipes, squeezing, or breaking them.
  • Clogs due to lodged debris and foreign objects. Your lines are designed to handle waste and toilet paper, but some items don’t disintegrate, like grease or paper towels. These can cause blockages that drain-cleaning agents can’t fix.
  • Extreme Temperatures – Heat causes pipes to expand, while cold weather can freeze pipes and cause expansion resulting in a busted pipe.

Determining the cause is key

Isolating the cause of the problem is essential to figure out the best subsequent action.

Hiring a plumber is the only way you will determine the root cause and solution to the issue. Most plumbers, like All Star, will charge an upfront troubleshooting fee to determine what is wrong with the sewer line and evaluate its severity. Troubleshooting is conducted with a few technical, but usually includes inserting a camera into your sewer line to check for breaks and blockage. After a full sewer inspection, you will be able to make the right decision on the next step.

Typically, a sewer line is repaired to solve the problem, but a sewer replacement may be necessary if the line is too damaged or complicated.

We provide cost-effective solutions that may not tear up your landscaping

In the past, sewer line repair and replacement were notoriously messy. Trenches would need to be dug, and yards would need to be torn up. Fortunately, there is another option. When possible we utilize a state-of-the-art trenchless technology that fixes your sewer problems without the mess.

  • It will not destroy your landscaping – Trenchless sewer line repair involves minimal digging. Your landscape, trees, and flowers will remain intact during the repair process.
  • No environmental impact – The process removes the need to excavate, and you have a lower chance of having harmful substances infiltrating the local water supply.

Our plumbing experts will diagnose, reach, and repair your sewer line without digging out your old sewer line. We do this by creating one or two small access points to repair up to a hundred feet of pipe! We can quickly, completely repair your sewer line without harming much of your yard and garden and no loud construction noise for several days.

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    Benefits of trenchless sewer line repair

    You Will Save Money. When used, trenchless repair can save you money. The repair is completed in less time, with decreased disturbance. By replacing the lining of your pipe system, you can save on reconstruction costs instead of replacing the entire plumbing system.

    Traditional sewer line replacement

    In the cases when trenchless technology cannot be applied, after we video inspect your sewer pipe, we together will determine the best course of action. If your sewer needs to be replaced, our experienced underground crew will excavate, remove, and replace your sewer line, returning it to new, perfect condition for years to come.

    We take care of everything so you can get back to life, from obtaining the permit to passing the inspection, leave it to All Star Plumbing to take the stress out of the situation.

    Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by text or call our office at 707-200-8865, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.